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How to make your magnetic separator long

1. Pre-operation inspection:1.1 the surface contact of the unloading scraper and cylinder is normal;Whether the amount of oil in bearing and reducer is appropriate;1.3 whether the bolts are loose or not;1.4 power supply has no failure;1.5 there is no

The permanent magnet material is the fir

And let's talk about the permanent magnet:Permanent magnet material is the first kind of magnetic material found and used. The earliest invention of the guide (called snan) was made from magnetite in the ferrite. There are many kinds of permanent

Magnetic therapeutic effect of ndfeb str

Next, let's talk about the magnetic therapy of the nd-ti-boron powermagnet:The first point:The magnetic force is one of the four fundamental forces of nature. This is an example of the clever use of magnetic force. Medical scientist in Ming dynas

Magnets in aviation

The magnetic properties of permanent magnet in permanent magnet motor can directly affect the efficiency, safety and reliability of permanent magnet motor. If the motor design or improper use, in the high temperature, chemical corrosion, mechanical v

        ShenZhen HongMing Magnetic industry Co.,LTD. Is a collection of production, sales, research and development for the integration of high-tech enterprises. Our company main production and operation of sintered ndfeb, bonded ndfeb, ferrite, rubber magnetic, magnetic button, magnetic frame, etc. These products are widely used in electronic electro-acoustic, instruments and meters, toys, gifts, leather handbags, packaging, craft jewelry, advertising printing and high-tech environmental protection industry. Our factory passed IS09001 and TS16949 quality system certification. Also in these years we have established in Shanxi Province, Qingdao, chengdu and shenzhen subsidiaries have been established in shunde plastic magnetic processing factory. We mainly produces N series, SH series, UH case, EH patients, AH, from N30 to N52 and other performance products. 

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